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IPL hair removal vs Laser Hair Removal

IPL VS Laser hair removal

Hair removal treatments are becoming increasingly popular and many clinics offer different technologies for the purpose of reducing or removing unwanted hair. This makes it hard to know what the differences between each treatment are and what the positives and negatives for each one.

Often, IPL (intense pulsed light) and Laser Hair Removal cause some confusion as many people do not know the difference between the two. Below we look at both Laser Hair Removal and IPL treatments, their advantages and disadvantages and finally which treatment is more effective at removing or reducing hair.

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What is Laser Hair Removal?

The laser used in LHR treatments produce concentrated light beams. These light beams work by targeting the pigment in the hair follicles. LHR is considered to be significantly less painful than other treatments on the market and the majority of people that have tried LHR experience a long-lasting hair reduction. Each pulse of the laser only takes a fraction of a second to target multiple follicles at a time, meaning this form of treatment is very effective in treating large areas like the back or legs. The laser can also be adjusted to suit specific skin types, reducing the risk of hyperpigmentation and burns.

On the downside, LHR is FDA approved for permanent hair reduction and not removal so maintenance sessions will be required. Some people will find their skin reacts to the laser, leaving redness, itching or swelling, however, these should subside quickly. As LHR works by targeting the pigment in the follicle, therefore, those with darker hair and lighter skin will find the treatment more successful than those with light hair follicles.


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What is IPL treatment?

So what is ipl hair removal? Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL machine, is not a laser. It produces different ranges of wavelengths similar to the way a light bulb does. These broad-spectrum pulses aren’t focused beams like the laser used in LHR, but as they deliver a broad range of varying wavelengths a certain number of IPL wavelengths can be effective at reducing hair growth.

There are serval disadvantages with IPL to consider before you begin treatment. The major downfall is the fact that it is not a concentrated beam, meaning it is overall less effective at removing hair which is the purpose of the treatment.


The Verdict

When it comes to ipl versus laser hair removal, it is easy to see that laser is more effective at removing/ reducing hair growth. The targeted beams focus on the follicles to permanently reduce hair growth in a fewer sessions and as the laser targets multiple follicles at once, the treatment is quick and easy. Follow up sessions will be required to maintain the hair loss reduction; however, this will not be often, usually once or twice a year. Because laser is adjustable, it means that it is an overall safer treatment as well and is effective on all skin types. Different skin tones will require the laser to be set at different strengths, this is important as incorrect strengths can lead to burns or hyperpigmentation. Laser is a very affordable treatment, making it accessible for most people.

So if the question is ipl or laser, it would have to be laser every time!


I want to be hair free, where do I start?

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The new South Melbourne clinic was beautiful. All the staff were lovely and professional. As a former Bentleigh customer I particularly like the fact that there is a manned reception, which made it a lot easier to book my appointment. I look forward to visiting this location again.

First time to the new clinic and I loved it. Very clean and fresh looking. I have been a client for many years and I’m always really happy with the service. Staff are always professional. Thank you.

My appointments are always on time, quick and easy. Too simple. Getting great results too.

The new South Melbourne facilities are fresh and more welcoming than previous location on Kings Way. The laser technician (I forget her name) is lovely and talks me through each treatment! Really happy with the treatment thus far.

Great service and very satisfied. Another great treatment, I’m loving the results.

I had a great experience at Medical Aesthetic Laser Clinic in South Melbourne. My consultant was highly professional, well trained with a lovely nature. I definitely felt like I was in good hands and will definitely be making another appointment. No improvements needed! Happy customer 🙂

very good service nil need for improvement

I have been amazed with the outcomes from laser treatment as my hair has reduced a lot. The staff are always really friendly and offer you advice on how to get the most out of this treatment. I often recommend Medical Aesthetic Laser Clinic to me friends as I have been very happy here.

I found Stephanie to be excellent in her application of the laser treatment I had. She was professional and polite. She explained the process and answered my questions thoroughly. I can’t think of anything to improve my experience. I was very satisfied.

Thought it was great. Quick, easy and no fuss. 🙂

As usual my therapist Steph and Tash were great really make me feel comfortable and talk me through everything.

Hi there,
Yesterday i attended my first laser session with Tash. She was professional, friendly, thorough and attentive. I have recommended Medical Aesthetic Laser Clinic to a few of my friends and family who have been interested in receiving laser. Along with the friendly and knowledgeable staff, the prices are fantastic and very reasonable considering the amazing results! I look forward to soft, smooth and in-grown hair free skin soon!

My facial hair was getting out of hand and affecting my confidence and self esteem. Plucking every day was driving me crazy. Can’t believe the change only after the second appointment! It’s changed my life. Thank you so much xx

Totally satisfied with the service I have received on all visits. The only way to improve it would be to accompany it with a good shot of espresso. Keep your technicians happy because they are doing a fantastic job.

Janelle is absolutely wonderful. Makes me feel very comfortable, she is incredibly knowledgable and just a pleasure to be around!

I like the place I like my therapist only to do my treatment she is very professional and good communicated person, very gentle kind and someone I can trust my body with.
So far I didnt have any issues , I will be happy if you were doing a promotion treatments on daily basis so your regular clients like me would benefit from.

I love this place!
Good prices 🙂 All the girls are really friendly though so that’s good. And I like how you offer free touch ups if areas are missed.
Thanks! 🙂

I have had 3 sessions so far (laser hair reduction) and the staff could not be lovelier! Obviously it is not the most carefree thing to encounter but they are extremely professional and always make me feel comfortable and provide advice on after care. I have been to both the East Bentleigh and South Melbourne clinics and can attest the same for each. Well done!

The service has been wonderful, I’m super pleased to have met Amy who looks after my laser treatments.

All Staff at the South Melbourne clinic make you feel comfortable and so friendly. I would have no problems sending recommendations.

I was very happy with my service from Steph. She is very friendly and made me feel very comfortable seeing as I was doing two new areas that I hadn’t done before. I had many questions and she answered them very clearly.

From Day 1, I was treated like a valued customer with utmost respect. Every interaction has been handled professionally and with care, I felt safe and comfortable with the advice I was given at every stage. The bedside manner of the therapists is evidence of great training. So I hope my services continue as planned and look forward to more great results!

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