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Laser Hair Removal Melbourne - 33 Years Experience Removing Hair

Hello smooth hair free skin, hello Medical Aesthetic Laser Clinic!

Unwanted or excessive hair growth is a thing of the past with the best Laser Hair Removal service in Melbourne. At Medical Aesthetic Laser Clinic (MALC) we take pride in removing your unwanted hair with the BEST laser hair removal in Melbourne using only medical grade lasers at the BEST price.

With 33 years experience, you get the best permanent removal in the fastest, most pain-free way possible, at a competitive price. For more information on how to remove your unwanted hair, speak with one of our friendly booking consultants by calling 1800 052 737 or requesting a complimentary appointment online.

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Why Choose Medical Aesthetic Laser Clinic?



At Medical Aesthetic Laser Clinic, we firmly believe in our ability to offer great services at affordable prices without skimping on quality. Here’s why we should be your first choice Melbourne destination:

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Honesty is what we stand for.

When you enter through the front doors of our clinic, you’ll be greeted by caring clinicians who value both your emotional and physical well-being.

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We use the highest quality lasers.

By choosing to work with the industry’s most respected skin care equipment, our customers receive the superior service they deserve.

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Our staff are expertly trained.

We believe that education is key to staying on top of our game, so we continue our staff training to stay up-to-date with the latest procedures and professional requirements.

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Never had laser removal in Melbourne before?

If you have never had laser hair removal before, you are in the right place!

Our team of highly experienced, caring therapists use the best laser hair removal technology in Melbourne to ensure you have a great experience. If you are currently shaving, plucking, waxing (ouch) you will be amazed at the amount of time and money you will save. At MALC we opened our doors in 1984 and began performing Medical Grade Laser in Melbourne back in 1999 when the technology first launched in Australia. Since then we have grown into a team of expert therapists who specialise in laser hair removal and perform hundreds of treatments each month.

The process begins with a consultation, and test patch first to make sure you are suitable. We focus on education, ensuring you are fully informed before proceeding. We have a very high success rate and take a lot of pride in the level of customer service we offer across all clinics. At the end of your free consultation, you will have all of your questions answered, know how the treatment feels and have received a quote.

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Most popular body areas

On literally any area of the female or male body we can remove unwanted hair with our medical grade lasers. Underarms, Brazilian and legs are the most popular areas for the ladies, and for the men, it’s chest, shoulders and back. However, if you can’t choose then just go for our full body laser hair removal package and you can’t go wrong!

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What makes us the best laser clinic in Melbourne?

With over 33 years of experience in Melbourne, performing laser hair removal using medical grade lasers, Medical Aesthetic Laser Clinic has become the leading and most trusted clinic in South Melbourne and Bundoora. Our caring, highly trained and laser qualified staff have the necessary knowledge and experience to help you achieve permanent hair reduction that saves you time and money. If you are new to laser treatments we offer a free consultation where we talk you through the Candela laser treatment and our friendly staff will provide you with clear and honest information with no obligation.

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Older traditional hair removal methods

  • IPL removal – often marketed as “laser hair removal” it is, in fact, a light-based machine, similar to a strong camera flash.
  • Depilatories removal – also called hair removal cream in Melbourne
  • Epilator removal – mechanical devices that pull the hair from the skin (ouch)
  • Shavers – an expensive waste of time that can make your hair appear thicker, not the best
  • Waxing hairs – potentially can cause scars or pigmentation as well as ingrown hairs
  • Electrolysis hair removal – extremely time-consuming and slow process


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Frequently Asked Questions

While the majority of our happy clients are females, we do specialise in laser hair removal for men and around 40% of our clients are men. In fact, we started attracting more male clients because of the amazing results we were getting on their partners and let’s face it ladies, once you’re hair is removed, you want your partner to be too…

Laser hair removal is cleared by the FDA and TGA for permanent hair reduction, which basically means that once you have finished your laser hair removal package, you will go on maintenance treatments. How many you have will depend on how your hair grows. These maintenance treatments are very far and few between. We use the Candela GentleLase Pro, for skin types 1-3 and some 4, the leading medical grade laser hair removal device in Melbourne.

At MALC we do everything we can to ensure that it is a safe treatment for laser hair removal. We use only the best equipment that is cleared by the TGA. We use only Candela lasers (GentleLase Pro) and we ensure our clinicians are trained to the highest standard.

Each of your hair follicles goes through different growth phases at different times. It works best when your hair is in the ‘active’ growth phase. Any follicle that does not contain hair (whether from waxing, plucking, or hair is in a different growth phase) will not be treated. To ensure full results are achieved from laser hair removal in Melbourne, several treatments are required in order to give your hair follicles time to go through the full growth cycle.

Unfortunately not, a laser is a serious piece of equipment and our clinicians do many hours of clinical training to be able use a laser safely. Plus, once you have finished your package of laser hair removal treatments you will only need top up or maintenance treatments very infrequently, so no need to have a bulky laser at home. Come into MALC, much better than waxing or shaving.

The medical grade lasers we use are TGA approved for permanent hair reduction. What does this mean? It means that after on average 6-8 treatments you will be “hair free” and from there you will need a smaller top-up treatment every 3-6 months to ensure you stay that way.

IPL is different technology to medical grade laser. To find out the difference between the two technologies read the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) page.

Electrolysis is often considered an option to laser in removing hair, click here to see the difference.


I want to be hair free, but where do I start in Melbourne?

If you have never had laser hair removal in Melbourne before then you may have a lot of questions and maybe some concerns. The expert team at Medical Aesthetic Laser Clinic in Melbourne are here to help. We offer a free laser hair removal consultation in our South Melbourne and Bundoora locations and there is no obligation to go ahead with your booking. We will even do a test patch on your skin with our medical grade laser so you can see how it feels. We know you will be surprised at how comfortable and quick it is. So what are you waiting for, fill in your details and our friendly team will give you a call to organise a free laser hair removal consultation for you?

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South Melbourne Clinic

Address: 1 Emerald Hill Pl, South Melbourne VIC 3205

Opening Hours:
Mon: Thur 9am–9pm
Friday: 9am–6pm
Saturday: 9am–3pm
Sunday: Closed

Phone: (03) 9916 9631

Bundoora Clinic

Address: 2/593 Grimshaw St, Bundoora VIC 3083

Opening Hours:
Mon: Thur 9am–9pm
Friday: 9am–6pm
Saturday: 9am–3pm
Sunday: Closed

Phone: (03) 9467 2220


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Your free consultation is always at no obligation to you. Contact us today by phone or email and ask about our services.

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I have had 3 sessions so far (laser hair reduction) and the staff could not be lovelier! Obviously it is not the most carefree thing to encounter but they are extremely professional and always make me feel comfortable and provide advice on after care. I have been to both the East Bentleigh and South Melbourne clinics and can attest the same for each. Well done!

The service has been wonderful, I’m super pleased to have met Amy who looks after my laser treatments.

All Staff at the South Melbourne clinic make you feel comfortable and so friendly. I would have no problems sending recommendations.

I was very happy with my service from Steph. She is very friendly and made me feel very comfortable seeing as I was doing two new areas that I hadn’t done before. I had many questions and she answered them very clearly.

From Day 1, I was treated like a valued customer with utmost respect. Every interaction has been handled professionally and with care, I felt safe and comfortable with the advice I was given at every stage. The bedside manner of the therapists is evidence of great training. So I hope my services continue as planned and look forward to more great results!

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Your free consultation is always at no obligation to you. Contact us today by phone or email and ask about our services.

Call us and speak with one of our clinicians to find out about our flexible Laser & Skin treatment options. You can change your body, take the first step today!

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