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The most affordable laser hair removal in

Be more comfortable and have more time to yourself by letting Medical Aesthetic and Laser Clinic treat you with laser hair removal Melbourne Wide. Your legs, along with the rest of your body, will thank you for the extra attention.

There's no need to sacrifice your hip pocket for a clean, comfortable skin. Our pricing plans are affordable and flexible, designed to work with your budget. Enjoy our treatments every month or two absolutely free of guilt.

Permanent hair removal is within your reach! Let the professionals at Medical Aesthetic Laser Clinic give you the silky-smooth body you deserve at a price that fits your lifestyle.

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3 convenient locations across melbourne

No matter where you are in Melbourne, one of our laser hair removal clinics is nearby.


South Melbourne

1 Emerald Hill Pl,
South Melbourne
VIC 3205
03 9916 9631

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2/593 Grimshaw st
vic 3083
03 9467 2220

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East Bentleigh

1036A North Rd
East Bentleigh
vic 3165
03 9570 7691

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Meet Zena, General Manager and Cosmetic Nurse.

Director Fadia Dammous and General Manager Zena Dammous are both registered Division 1 nurses with 40 + years of experience in Non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

Every one of our clinicians is fully qualified as a nurse, a dermal therapist, or a beauty therapist. We hold to the highest standards of health care and customer service.

Our equipment comes from the cutting edge of medical technology. Our laser hair removal, Pigmentation and Vascular treatments are all performed using the Candela Gentlelase Pro, an Alexandrite laser whose larger spot size increases the range of skin types we can effectively treat and speeds up the process compared to industry standards.

Don’t be fooled by clinics which advertise Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) processes as true laser hair removal. The IPL process uses a broad spectrum of wavelengths similar to that produced by an intense light bulb. It is not a true laser, and lacks the effectiveness and precision we demand for our patients.



Sr Fadia Dammous

Director/Registered Divison 1 Cosmetic Nurse

Fadia Dammous has built her practice over the past 30 years with a passion for health care and a commitment to her patients. She draws a loyal clientele from all over Australia for her expertise with laser hair removal, platelet rich plasma, and non-surgical face lifts. She demands the highest standards of performance from herself and her staff, with a vision to consistently exceed the expectations of her clients. The key to her success comes from a love of learning, a thirst for knowledge, and a passionate belief in the power of medical cosmetic care.



Zena Dammous

Clinical Director/Registered Division 1 Cosmetic Nurse

Zena Dammous has worked as a nurse in the cosmetic health care industry for more than 12 years. She envisions a practice where every patient receives personalised treatments in a friendly and professional environment. Her patients are people first, with their own hopes, concerns, and dreams. Strong relationships are the foundation on which she’s built a supportive medical staff and earned the trust of her clients. She approaches her health care practice with the care and empathy her patients deserve.

With so many options these days, it’s important to do your research before spending any money. If you value quality, customer service and safety then please take the time to understand the difference between a company like ours, vs. a franchise clinic.

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Clinical skin care brands

cos-overview_headerSince 1999, CosMedix’s mission has been to use the science of nature to deliver maximum skin care results. From day one, CosMedix has sourced the finest ingredients from all over the world. Borrowing from Nobel Prize-winning technologies and blending them with pure botanical ingredients to create skin care that affects real change. This intersection of science and nature is what makes CosMedix a leader in the industry and trusted by physicians, aestheticians and consumers all over the world.

To find out more about why to choose us, check out the real feedback we get from our clients here: Testimonials

We use only the best lasers, find out more below



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Qualified nurses & dermal therapists

The Director and General Manager are vital members of the community with a wealth of experience. They are both Registered Division 1 Nurses, drawing on more than 40 years' combined experience in cosmetic nursing.

Every clinician on staff operates under the careful guidance of a qualified nurse. We place a high priority on your health, ensuring the highest quality of education in our dermal and beauty therapists.

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About our Nurses



Fadia Dammous

Registered Division 1 Nurse



General Manager
Registered Division 1 Nurse


our clinicians

All qualified nurses, dermal therapists
or beauty therapists

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